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These courses are designed with knowledge to empower you. 


They are structured for you to feel safe being who you truly are in an ever-changing world. Life can be scary and the noise around you can get loud. I have created these courses so that you can release the noise and hear your own voice. We are trained to believe we do not have the answers.


These courses support you to retrain yourself to trust the infinite wisdom that exists inside of you. At the core of this retraining is you focusing on what you value about yourself as a lifestyle. You have a choice.


Choose to feed the noise, or trust that what you value about yourself is the security that manifests your reality.

– Anne Louise

Power Wishing

Power Wishing®


Your life is yours to design. Power Wishing reveals formulas that will ignite your capacity to design a life that is happening for you, not to you. These formulas educate you in a practical sense to know how to use your internal system to help define and have the life you choose. Make your desires and your every-day life experience a wish granted. 


This course will support you to:   
Enhance your healthy emotions
Honor the power of your emotions
Know how to identify and shift beliefs that no longer serve you
Be the “Master of your Emotions” and use them as your greatest asset
Enhance your life experiences and your surroundings as a reflection of your best self
Stop negatively comparing yourself to others
Value your experiences not as right or wrong but as a resource
Use your imagination as the tool that influences your results
Write the script of your life for YOU
Know how to witness your life as a movie and respond rather than react to situations
Recognize that your perception is creating your outcome
Learn the skill of shifting your perception in the moment to align with your desires
Easily be your authentic Self
 Release the need for struggle, drama or negative attention in your life
Release shame and guilt
Create the habit of appreciation as the point of reference that attracts your experiences
Master the technology of Power Wishing and quickly turn your wishes into your reality

Emotional Imagination®

Your emotions are a powerful force of creation. Emotions give fuel for your imagination to become your lived experience. Our imagination allows us to explore our feelings without any limitations, and then choose our outcome. How you feel and imagine your possibilities is what ultimately creates your reality. 


This course will support you to:   

– Feel secure within your emotional Self

– Strengthen the ability to share your emotions authentically

– Reinforce what you value about yourself

– Have more fun as you release worry about your feeling

Vibrational Language®

Each person has a unique energetic vibration. The way you choose to introduce language into your life, how you speak to yourself, express your desires, put a voice to your joys and fears, is what turns your energy into a physical reality. Learning to match the vibration of your language to the vibration you want for your life is what keeps your physical in flow. This course will support your understanding of Vibrational Language® as the energetic dialogue that gives direction to your creation. 

This course will support you to:   

– Learn the quantum definition of personal vibration 

– Keep your vibration reverberating in the way that best serves you  

– Understand how to use language to match your surroundings to the vibration you desire

Language your Life®

Language is the key to transforming the energy of your thoughts and desires into a physical reality. The Language your Life® course explores this through linguistic formulas that support you to create vibrant relationships, positive outcomes, and consistent results. Please note that it is recommended to be familiar with the Vibrational Language course before engaging with this one®

This course will support you to:   

– Create cooperative and clear communication

– Deepen your insight of empowering vs. disempowering language

– Proactively deal with emotional situations

– Know how to effectively communicate challenging feelings with ease

– Use “Power Words” and useful tools to manifest consistent results

– Shift your language to create relationships that are vibrant and cooperative

– Understand the importance of responding versus reacting through language

– Understand nonverbal behaviors that can be louder than words

– Explore the impact and influence of words such as “Always”, “Never”, “Try”, “But” and “I Guess”

A Selection of other Language Your Life® Course Series from Simple Results:

– Language Your Life®: Effectively Communicating as a Conscious Parent

– Language Your Life®: Creating Your Life Blueprint

– Language Your Life®: Finding and Keeping Love Alive

– Language Your Life®: Embodying Your Best Qualities as a lifestyle

– Language Your Life®: Building Authentic Success

– Language Your Life®: Creating Financial Abundance 

– Language Your Life®: Supporting and Rewarding Learning Differences

Visualization Technology®

Visualization Technology® is a tool for the expansion of your awareness of what is possible. It empowers you with the know-how to manifest what you wish. This technology is a productive way to anchor your core values as the foundation of your life, no matter what is happening around you. Learning this technique creates certainty, knowing that all can shift in your favor. 


This course will support you to: 


– Be aware of how you are visualizing 

– Transform emotional patterns that no longer serve you through this technology

– Release exhausting yourself emotionally by relying on outside sources

– Learn to ‘witness’ experiences and respond with choices that aligned with you

– Activate your cellular memory to create feelings that you wish to experience

– Shift experiences that are unpleasant or painful through your this technology

– Enhance your life in all aspects as your Authentic Self

God Human Being®

Your authentic self or God Self is the knowing you carry with you of who you truly are. In today’s society we are trained to turn outside of ourselves to make sense of our life based on others’ perceptions, beliefs, indoctrinations, and judgments. Learning how to access your God Self is learning to rely back on your-Self and turn inward for answers. Learn how to download what you already know to be true into your everyday existence. You are your own expert.   


This course will support you to:   

– Learn to connect with your authentic self 
– Be your own person 
– Be an independent thinker  
– Speak and act from a place of personal integrity 
– Manifest what you imagine 
– Make your original contribution to planet earth

Be prepared to free yourself of all the clutter and noise that doesn’t serve you


Using Zoom as a platform for a weekly meeting, these webinars are a guided conversation that begins with a centering, silent meditation before moving on to a pertinent conversation. Participants will be able to submit questions beforehand and have them answered after the conversation. The 1.5hr session will conclude with a meditation. These are a support for participants to navigate the world’s ever-changing narrative.


We love your interest in having Anne Louise conduct a seminar for your organization or present at a speaking engagement. One on one sessions and webinars are also available. 

We look forward to supporting your end result, please contact us and we will get back to you.

Emotional Imagination
Vibrational Language
God Human Being
Language your Life
Visualization Technology
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