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"A seasoned professional and phenomenal facilitator… She has a deep care for enhancing organizations and this was evident in her work with our faculty and staff…. Through multi-series workshops our team was armed with the tools to communicate in a way that creates win-win situations."

– Madeline Pumariega

"A brilliant consultant with an exceptional commitment and ability to sense the potential in individuals and groups and offer many new possibilities and opportunities for them. I have attended Anne Louise’s workshops and lectures and have met with her privately for consultations, and I deeply respect and value her work."​

– Dr. Christine King

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such an incredible job supporting the staff here at Miami Dade College at our North Campus Staff Day. I wish your lecture was three times as long because I learned so much about myself in the brief time we spent together. I really appreciate your support and I really look forward to attending another lecture soon. I felt so much better after that brief session and I am amazed at how much insight I gained about myself in such a short time. Thank you! I truly think you’re awesome!"

– Audrey 

"I'm so grateful [for the work]. This has been such an eye-opening experience. What healing work you do [Anne Louise]!"

– Coty H.

"Anne Louise allowed me to realize that things are always working out for me through her art of therapy. I was able to break through heavy blockages and breathe again. Can’t begin to put into words how freeing it is, but it wouldn’t have been possible without her clearing my lenses and removing the blockages that I had on repeat. I am able to breathe through this chapter of my life with ease. Thank you so very much!"

– Victoria K.

"Every time I hear and see Missy my battery gets a charge and life always becomes brighter. 

The Mind Gauge Webinar reinforced beliefs about myself which help me live in the present and focus on what I have.  The up’s and down’s are normal parts of life and hearing Missy’s voice speaking to the group helped me remember to keep life simple and control only what I can and do it from a great place."

– Jared H.

"The next best thing to learning form Anne Louise face to face, is to join her on her webinar!  I have enjoyed multiple webinars with Anne Louise and each time have experienced her powerful messages, just as meaningfully and deeply as in person.  Anne Louise has the unique ability to share, not just empowering lessons, but also her own grounding and beautiful energy through her tone and voice, even on the screen. With a touch of humor, the webinar topics are always pertinent and moving to each of us. Anne Louise has been a true mentor to me for many years, and I continue to expand from the gift of her expertise."

– Laurence L.

"Anne Louise’s courses showed me a door to a totally new perspective. Attending her workshop has been a powerful personal experience that I am certain will better my life. I feel like I have regained my clarity, confidence, and harmony, and that is priceless."

– Brian 

"You were able to bring home key messages and help the employees personally understand the reasons for their emotions and behaviors; which ultimately impact not only their work experience but more importantly the experience our patients have."

– Patricia Rosello

“Working with Missy is like a breath of fresh air. She is truly a wonderful person from the inside out, and I couldn't be prouder to have been part of the team that named her company and provided her brand identity.”

– Jaime B.


“Missy’s simple yet effective tools positively impact the overall well being of the individual as well as create a proactive corporate atmosphere which generates increased accountability, cooperation, productivity and success.”

– Susan S.

[Through the work] I’ve learned new skills and more. I’m learning to express my voice from my values and non-negotiables; they’re becoming clearer to me real-time, through the lessons [done] to focus on them.

– Monica G.

"[The courses are] really beautiful and help me focus my mind on the positive and the good rather than desperation and guilt."

– Nicolas Achury

"Anne Louise Carricarte’s lecture at Nova University was fabulous! I can’t thank her enough for such a wonderful and inspiring lecture. She is the real deal!! I am blessed to have had the opportunity to attend. It was so refreshing to meet someone that teaches about the power of universal laws and who understands how important thoughts and language really are! It validates all the wonderful things I know to be true and continue to learn as I deepen my practice of manifesting all of the dreams and goals I have in my life and for my community."

– Belkys 

“Missy is deeply knowledgable in how to bring out the best in others. Much of my success -- in both my professional and personal life has been garnered by utilizing the tools I have learned from attending Simple Results Workshops and private sessions with Missy.”

– Suzanne  

"The [Controlling your Narrative] series has been a constant that has kept me grounded. It gave me a sense of positivity and love that I didn’t necessarily know I needed; just a lot of helpful mantras to work with on a daily basis, whilst also feeling warm, understood, supported and visible!"

– Courtney Mitchell

"Anne Louise Carricarte is truly an enlightened and awake being. I have attended her workshops and talks for over 10 years and the work has absolutely enhanced my life. The information I have learned and received over the years taught me to trust myself, trust my intuition, and to know without a doubt the body's ability to heal itself. Because of the education I have gained with Anne Louise, I am able to stay centered and positive during these uncertain times, which is more valuable than any other lessons I could have learned."

– Jamie M.

"Anne Louise’s workshops and courses are so informative, inspiring and stimulating. I have regained the confidence that I really do have all the answers inside me – and now I know how to unlock them! I have so much gratitude for Anne Louise. I have learned so much and I have witnessed results beyond my expectations."

– Jose

"Watching Anne Louise in her element is magical. She is an exceptional teacher, an inspiration and an incredible mentor. Anne Louise teaches in a way that is so easy to understand and simple to comprehend. Simple Results are the two perfect words to describe what these lectures have created in my life after I attended! What a brilliant name! I walked out of Anne Louise’s course empowered by all the tools and skills she shared with us. I know that by implementing what I learned in this course, I am already manifesting everything without any doubts or fears. Anne Louise helped me to remember who I am in spirit and that accomplishing my work and responsibilities every day does not need to be a struggle!"

– Cynthia

“Missy has been a Godsend. Her highly creative concepts have been the missing catalyst needed to excel both personally and professionally.”

– Ruth 

"Missy’s knowledge and excellent approach helps address situations in entirely new ways and bring about changes in the direction you desire.”

– Daniel 

“Missy's approach is transformational... change lives for the better impacting all those who come into contact. Life-altering in wonderful ways”

– Carmen


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