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Immune Support

Here’s a list of supplements/herbs we like and some things we do:

Colloidal Silver from Medicinal Foods

“Vimergy” has good products, if not amazon or Whole Foods, or best, support your local health food store!!!

Camu Camu (potent Vit C)


Vit D & Sunshine everyday


L lysine

Oregano Oil

Selenium (eat 3-4 Brazil Nuts a day, great source of selenium)


Source Nutrition Elderberries


Grapefruit seed extract

Mayansweet Stevia leaf



E3 Live

Celery Juice

Purium Power Shake

The machine we have:

Garlic Broth:

⁃ crush about 8 -10 cloves of garlic

⁃ 2 bay leaves

⁃ 1 tbsp of olive oil

⁃ some cayenne pepper

⁃ bring to boil with about 4 cups of water then just simmer and let sit for a little while, grate in some ginger and season with some salt cover and let seep, strain then drink.

Thyme tea or water:

“Thyme is an incredible antiviral food that knocks down the viral load throughout the body, helping to relieve a multitude of symptoms. If taken on a regular basis (ideally daily), it’s a fantastic tool for helping to heal from existing symptoms and conditions caused by viruses and also to fight off new, unwanted viruses.”

Thyme Tea:

⁃ 2 or more sprigs of fresh thyme

⁃ 1-2 cups hot water

⁃ optional: fresh lemon &/or raw honey

Place fresh thyme in a mug and pour hot water over, allow to steep for 15 min or more. Remove thyme springs or strain. Sweeten with raw honey and/or lemon.

Thyme Water:

⁃ 2 or more bunches fresh thyme sprigs

⁃ 4-8 cups filtered or spring water

⁃ optional: fresh lemon juice, raw honey, berries, cucumber slices, mint, etc.

Fill jug or pitcher with room temperature water and add thyme sprigs. Allow to soak on the kitchen counter overnight. In the morning remove or strain out the thyme sprigs and add fresh lemon juice, raw honey, or any other optional ingredients you’d like. Sip the water throughout the day.

Lemon Drink:

⁃ 3-4 organic unwaxed lemons WHOLE (can cut in half or quarters for blender)

⁃ Add about 2 cups water

⁃ 4 tbsp raw honey (optional)

⁃ Blend all ingredients

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