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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Dear Amazing God- Human Beings,

You all research and validate how you feel about something for sure.

So, the same is for your food and where your food comes from. It is about consciousness and supporting our freedom to choose what we wish to eat and how it is processed.

I belong to a 'club' that supports farmers. The reason why we joined this club is to protect farmers from having to use USDA facilities. If you eat meat and saw the way meat is processed in these facilities, and the chemicals that are used, it would turn your stomach.

Being in this 'club', allows us to ask the farmers to farm for us.

Bottom line, I just made my order from a farm in PA that ships to me and it is so refreshing to speak to the farmer from whom you are receiving your food. They have no computer system, they send the order and then you send them a check.

Here are two sites you can refer to -

One for information that I find very good:

Where I order -

To find out more info:

Questions about the Club?

If you have questions about our Miami & Broward County club, how it works, how to join,

where to pickup, etc, then call us instead of calling the farmer:

Miami Healthy Food Club



Questions about the food?

We encourage those of you who are new to this club to call the farm directly and ask questions about the food before you place your order.

The Amish farmer, Amos Miller and team will be happy to assist you.

Call them directly:

Miller's Farm



Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood - has good prices for organic veggies and fruits.

Sending you all love love love

Continuing on that note of the video ...

I am sending you all the final draft of my book -

Incredible YOU

For young Power Wishers

Thank you Luna, we worked Over the summer and she did the illustrations ...

Also Alex, Isa, Flavia for your sharing ...

Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions etc. ❤🌟

I will be reviewing this weekend.

We are the protectors of

The children on this planet.

Their best protection is to remind them of how awesome they are!

Their inner world ROCKS!

They are Creators ...

Their consciousness creates

Enjoy ...

Love you all!

The world is changing and we are the change ...

As are the children ...

Remember to Sit in your power in silence and send love to all ...

Your love matters ...

This is a collaboration of the seen and unseen ... 🌟

We are blessed

Thank you



WE = Oneness

Oneness = LOVE

LOVE = Freedom

Freedom = Peace

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